Dare definitive hair removal WITHOUT pain

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Why should you wax and suffer all your life? ... while there are alternative solutions and without pain in

NEW ESTHETIC has chosen for you the best technology

As a designer and distributor of new technologies for the aesthetics sector, our centers are equipped with the best devices to guarantee efficiency, comfort and safety.

New generation: SHR ELIGHT technology

Our Epil Expert 2.0, brings together all the technological innovations in terms of permanent hair removal:

  • ELIGHT technology that combines Radio Frequency and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for greater efficiency, even on very blond or red hairs.
  • ICE cooling for a care without pain.
  • Continuous scanning "In Motion" for faster and more efficient sessions.
  • "Intelligent" interface for specific settings for each skin color, to treat all phototypes, even the darkest skin.

Do you prefer laser hair removal?

Most of our centers are equipped with the EPIL LASER TRIO "Permanent Pulse" laser.

The TRIO laser is much more efficient than other lasers, because it combines 3 wavelengths, to treat all hair colors.

The "Permanent Pulse", combined with the "ICE" technology, makes INDOLE care and much faster.

Effective on ALL hairs and ALL skin phototypes, WITHOUT pain, faster and more efficient than most other technologies